Christmas fun with a Raspberry Pi


Final Product

  1. First I installed the Raspian OS on my Raspberry PI Zero W’s SD card.
  2. Next I setup SSH so I could login to the Pi from my MacBook.
  3. Once I was able to connect to my Pi over my network, I then went looking for an MP4 file. I found one that was free on Pixabay here.
  4. Then I used SCP to copy the file from my desktop over to the Pi via SSH (super cool). I put the file in my /home/pi folder since I wasn't doing anything fancy.
  5. After some googling I found out that the Raspbian OS comes with omxplayer which is a tool that can run videos on your Pi. I found the command line syntax, and a nice discussion in the raspberry pi forum thread here.
  6. I tested omxplayer first directly from the commandline in my SSH terminal. Once that was running, I wanted to set it up to come on automatically so I modified the /etc/rc.local file similar to how it was ran here.
  7. Then I just did a sudo reboot and woohoo! I have a fireplace display!



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